Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Mayor v. the Gorilla

The Mayor was going crazy and meee-ow do you  really blame him? It was like some kind of scary movie getting picked up like that by a gorilla.  Daisy, who instantly thought that the gorilla was going to eat the Mayor started yowling, "Dontz you hurtz him! Dontz you eat him!"

The gorilla wasn't even paying attention, actually he was kind of calm.  He actually started cuddling the Mayor close and giving him nice pats (like a human).  The Mayor couldn't help himself he actually started purring.

And the next thing you know he was asleep in his lap!


Everybody was kind of in shock for a couple of seconds.  The kittens even got off Jake to take a look.  It was to funny!  The Mayor looked like he was the gorilla's pet.

Suddenly though, something shocking happened, Casey (for some reason) looked down at the kittens and meowed, "Where's Tippy?"

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  1. tippy ...pleez due knot go gettin lost...rememburr we iz knot on familiar groundz rite now...... ♥♥♥☺☺☺