Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How In the Meow..?

How in the meow did this happen?

How did Leo get to be in charge?

That question was actually the first one out of the Mayor's mouth, "Who in za meowz youz thinkz you are?"

You could call in bravery- you could call it stupidity but the Mayor was not letting Leo get away with this.  He was riled up and the other cats were just well...

Yeah, shocked is the word.

"Youuz dumbz lion," the Mayor yowled.  "We cantz runz around with a wolf."

"You wanna bet?"  answered Leo, who was actually surprisingly calm. 

"We knowz nothing about finding wolfz!"  he yowled looking around for some back-up.  Finally, he pulled Casey's tail.  "Go ahead tellz him!"

Casey, finally, got some guts.  "He's right- we don't know anything about wolfs!  And how in the meow did you get in charge anyway?"

Leo, still very calm, said, "Dave's a friend and we're going to help him out."

"Is youz mane on to tight?"  yowled the Mayor.  "You notz-"

He didn't get to finish bepaws he was cut off by a gunshot!!

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