Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What In The Meow...?

What in the meow just happened???

How could there be a gunshot-all were safe within the circle.  By rights no one should be able to see all of the kitties and Leo and Dave should be equally as safe.  What in the meow-

There was another shot and all the kitties, and people we are meowing ALL OF THE KITTIES, jumped on Leo.  That fact alone made purrfect sense- why not jump on the big guy.  Dave, on the other hand just moved closer and he was shaking, obviously, in fear.

"What in the roar is going on?"  asked Leo.

"This is why I need some help genius," Dave answered.  These humans are crazy! 

As if on some cue, a couple of them came out yelling stuff in some kind of weird language and they left again after a couple of minutes.  All of the kitties felt a sudden sympathy for Dave.  After a couple of seconds, it was Tippy who finally asked, "How can we help?"

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  1. tippy, ya noe....for bee in just a wee one, ya haza lotta grown up nezz bout cha ~~~ 984 pawz up ! ♥♥♥