Monday, July 24, 2017

Fuzzy and the Little Hippos

Okay- read the fast info about the Pygmy Hippo?  You're nodding?  Good- MOL.  Anyway, someone hand one to Fuzzy please.  She had no idea what to think here.

Well, do you blame the kid?

Obviously, Fuzzy knew about Hank but to be surrounded by a bunch of little Hanks was weird.  It wasn't really that scary though.  These guys seemed like a happy-go-lucky type group.  All of them were, naturally, curious though.  I mean why wouldn't they be?  Who in the world would've ever guessed they would've seen the Fuzzy?

One of the little Hanks did the head tilting thing.  "I know you're a cat- but what- hey wait a minute!"

Another one called out, "She's hear to help like the other one was!!!"

Fuzzy was really confused now.  To top it all off, she was extremely hot and very FUZZED.  "What do you guys mean?"

"You're looking for that Golden Paw!"  a little Hank type said from the right.   "You're like that 3-legged cat that was here last year!"



Smokey had been here??????????

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  1. noe way guyz...SMOKEY !!!!! ???????

    N fuzzy use care; big hippoz can bee feerce...ya noe ~~~ ☺☺♥♥