Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Smokey and the Hippos

Wait a meow-minute!


Smokey had been there???




Maybe a better question was:

Was she still there????

(Note: If you are not sure who Smokey is- you might have to go back and read some past posts from over a year ago.)

Did Fuzzy know about Smokey?  Of course she did!  Everyone knew about Smokey including Fuzzy's siblings.  Smokey was a legend who had been everywhere and had done everything!  Fuzzy, right now, was really wishing that Casey was around.  He would've been able to ask the important questions.  Poor Fuzzy could only meow out a, "Mee-huh?"

The little Hank hippos (that sounds like a club name were all really excited by this point.  "Smokey! Smokey was here trying to find the Golden Paw!"  One exclaimed.  "She said if she found it that she'd be able to help all of the wild animals."

Fuzzy really wished that Casey was here at this point bepaws it was starting to sound like that Smokey had been there, found the Golden Paw, bought it back home, then disappeared again!

But how in the meow was that pawsible?

Anybody have any ideas???

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  1. we noe !!!! hippoz = water = smokey = championz surfer ??? !!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥ may bee !! ??