Saturday, August 26, 2017

Big, Bad Hank

Hank was ready.

Well, why wouldn't he be?  Who wouldn't want to help a little elephant?  Besides, they are just so dang-blasted cute that well, how could he not want to help.  Anyway, it didn't take some kind of big, crazy plan.  There was no need for one.  Since you had Hank, you had that battering ram thing going automatically.  So, everyone climbed on and WHAM!

The gang was in.

The little elephant was just getting up by time the gang broke in (okay breaking in was somewhat of an understatement).  Anyway, Hank, of course made such a boom that the baby jumped about 3 feet back. "Don't hurt me!" she cried.

1 comment:

  1. baby....we hope thiz meenz yur doin sooooooooper gratte WAAAAAAY total lee better ~~ HOORAY !!! ☺☺☺3♥♥