Sunday, August 27, 2017

Calmng the Kid

Hank was horrified.  Meee-ow everyone was.  "Nobody's gonna hurt you, kid," Casey meowed.

The Mayor was nodding and swishing the tail.  "Dontz worry," he added, "we justz wanted to seez you."

The baby relaxed.  As a matter of fact, she started looking extremely interested.  She approached the gang cautiously.  "Why?"  she asked  innocently.

Everyone was struck by the innocence but you have to remember, there was nothing in the world better than a new baby-animal, human it didn't matter.  However, this sweetie was really innocent and well-

Just so damned cute you couldn't stand it.

Think of that sign from last week.  Anyway...

"How are you feeling?"  asked Fuzzy.  "Everybody thought you were gonna die!"

The baby's eyes go really big.  "Huh????  Why???"

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  1. how iz ya doin baby? all paws crossed for ya still yet N all wayz ~ ♥♥