Tuesday, October 31, 2017

How Did He Do It?

So, how did Hank do it?

How did he manage to get everything together for a paw-ty so fast?  Well, guess what?  It didn't matter and to meow you the truth, he couldn't answer!  Hank was actually kind of tipsy on some kind of orange Halloween punch!



Meee-ow you heard it right!  Punch!  Hank was ready for a good time and meee-ow a lot of animals were there too!  We're meowing animals from way- way back!  The Florida sand castle gang was there (holy meows that's ancient history).  A couple of the surfing cat dudes were there too!  Captain One-Eyed Jack was around hanging all over Baby.  A lot of the animals from the big battles the kitties were in were there!  Frank and Carla made it too and Carla even bought her babies!

Cheetah babies!

Meee-ow you heard it right and they were meowy cute.  Check out the names: Michael, Vito and Sonny.  Hey- wait a meow-minute...

A Cheetah mom has babies named for Godfather characters?  What in the meow was up with that?

1 comment:

  1. tell them cheetahz they can join de codd mother familee long with barney casey N de rest oh de purravesee familee ~ ~!! ;)