Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Let's Get Down to Paw-tying!

Inventory taken and paw-tying was now the option.  In all of this, you have to wonder- what happened to Fuzzy and Ace the tiger?  Well, Ace slunk off somewhere.  He was sort of on the 'overwhelmed' side, while Fuzzy kind of perked up immediately.  She set her mind to having some fun and pawed off to find her siblings!

Finding the siblings was easy.  Toni was hanging out at the snack table and Tippy was playing with some tiger cubs (batting candy corn around).  Meanwhile Sammie and Paws were pawing around trying to scare the other animals but not having much luck.  Hey, these little guys are cute but come on!  Did you really think they could pull off a scare charade?


The kitties were glad to see Fuzzy.  They were up for something new and interesting anyway.  Now, I bet you're wondering- did they meow about anything that just happened?


Why reflect??  Ace got the 'Golden Paw' to help the tigers and there was an interesting looking cornfield straight ahead- ready for all to explore!!!

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  1. uh...guyz...corn feeldz iz sum timez kinda.....funkee...just sayin ~~~~~♥♥