Sunday, June 24, 2018

Beary Interesting

“Then why aren’t you worried about them?”  he asked.

            The Mayor looked pawsitively purr-plexed.  “I iz worried,” he meowed.

            Casey’s whiskers twitched and he rolled his eyes.  “You could’ve fooled me,” he answered.

            The Mayor was getting frustrated.  He didn’t want to think about this.  All he wanted to do was paw-ty and keep eating fish.  “How do youz know they won’t justz show up?”  he asked.

            “That’s dumb,” Casey meowed.  “you know they won’t.

            “But you didn’t thinkz dat Daisy and Toni would come right?”  he asked.  “They could wash upz anytime.”

            Casey tilted his head and eyed the Mayor skeptically.  Sometimes he didn’t understand how his brain worked.  “You know that won’t happen.”

            “How do youz knowz?”  he asked.  “They couldz find somebodyz to hitch a ride with.”

            “Like who?”  Casey asked.  “A polar bear?”

            Would you believe a bear walked by when he meowed that?  Don’t give me that funny look.  A bear did walk by-it wasn’t a polar bear.  It was actually that dude-bear that Andy the Amur Leopard talked about.  It was really weird seeing him hang there and the more Casey and the Mayor watched him- it was apparent the dude knew where he going.  “Who do youz thinkz that is?”  The Mayor asked.

            “He’s a little to furry to be from here,” Casey answered.  “Let’s follow him.”

            The Mayor had no problem with that and Joey didn’t either.  It was revealed that Joey had no idea who this dude was and he was curious to see where he was going.  The trio didn’t have to go far.  The bear stopped in front of the mayor of Fish Island and received welcoming pats and meows of delight from the cats around him.  All three couldn’t believe it! 

            Casey and the Mayor, naturally, looked at Joey whose tail was going at 100 mph.  “I have no clue who this dude is- I swear,” he meowed.

            “Should we just go ask?”  asked Casey who couldn’t get over how warmly the bear was being treated.

            “Nope,” Joey meowed.  “The Mayor doesn’t like being interrupted.”

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  1. food servizz gurlz mind werkz noe better than gram paw dude's...polar bear = island = "LOST" !!!! ;) ♥♥