Monday, June 25, 2018

Meet Boris

            Now, the Mayor wasn’t too impressed with Fish Island’s mayor.  He was a long cat with fluffy black and white fur and shiny, green eyes.  “He lookz likez a pretty boy.”

            “Meee-huh?”  asked Joey. 

            “He lookz likez a pretty boy,” the Mayor repeated.

            “What does that mean?”  asked Joey.

            Casey hit the Mayor with his tail.  “Nothing.  Don’t worry about it.”

            “Whutz we gonna do?”  asked the Mayor.

            “We can always wait until they’re done meowing,” Casey meowed.

            “I have a better idea,” Joey meowed.  Before the Mayor and Casey could utter a meow.  Joey was pawing right up to the mayor and the strange bear.

            Now, to prevent further confusion, the Fish Island’s mayor happened to be named Tony.  (Meee-ow, what can I say?  Tony is turning into a popular kitty name for not just the females but the dudes!)  Tony seemed purr-fectly happy to see Joey.  “What’s pawin’ pal?”  he asked.  “It’s good to see you.”

            Joey was momentarily shocked by Mayor Tony’s goodwill.  He wondered if he had been rolling in the catnip some.  “What’s pawin’?”  he asked eyeing up the big bear, who seemed pleasant enough.  “Who’s your buddy here?”

            Mayor Tony gave one of those laugh/purr things.  “This is Boris.  He couldn’t help but come after he heard about the ‘burds’ leaving.”

            Boris?  Boris?  Was this some kind of goofy meow-joke?  His name really couldn’t be Boris-could it?  Hmmmmm, if you think about it though it suited the dude!

            “Nice to meet you Boris,” Joey meowed in a friendly tone. 

            “Same here,” he added.  Then he said to Mayor Tony.  “I’ll catch-up with you.  I have to go find some food.”  And with that, he lumbered off towards the refreshment area.

            The Mayor and Casey were soon by Joey’s side and Casey couldn’t help it.  He had to ask the inevitable.  “How do you know him?”  he asked Mayor Tony.

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  1. yea....N all sew...does thiz bear stealz salmon? we haza enuff oh that trubullz in trout towne...just sayin ~~~