Friday, June 15, 2018

Boat Update

            Meee-ow you’ve been wondering too,  haven’t you?

            What in the meow actually happened to Captain Jack’s boat?

            Well, believe it or not, it didn’t come crashing on the beach after Casey mentioned that.  It didn’t even appear in the distance by the setting sun.  (So much for timely kitties huh?)  Meee-ow anyway, back to the original question…

            Where in the meow was the boat?

            That’s where it gets kind of funny…

            Paw-viously the Mayor, Casey, Daisy and Toni got lucky and ended up on a current that sent them to the purr-fect place, aka. Fish Island.  Captain Jack’s boat ended up on a northern current and headed north.  How far north?  Well, let me meow it to you this way- Captain Jack’s boat ended up crashing in tiger/leopard territory! 


            Meee-ow you heard it right!  They were in Russia.

            Barney, who by process of elimination, was purr-ty much the cat in charge- completely lost it with Captain Jack and do you blame the dude?  He actually started giving him the paw.  “How in the meow could you be so stupid to end up here?”

            Captain Jack, stunned and surprisingly amused by the anger meowed, “Calm down.”

            “Don’t tell me to be calm you four-legged freak!”  yowled Barney.  “You get us the meow out of here!”

            That’s when Captain Jack stunned everyone with 2 words, “I can’t.”

            Everybody’s whiskers sagged and tails fell.  That in itself was a thing to watch bepaws it happened in purr-fect unison.  Pawing right along though, Baby was the one who found her meow, “What in the meow does that mean?  Why can’t you?”

            Captain Jack was so calm by this appoint that it was annoying.  It was driving Barney paw-ticularly crazy!  “It’s broke.”

            Barney lost it by them and he was ready to attack Captain Jack.  Baby stopped him though by pulling his tail.  “Easy,” she meowed.  “You are making a fool out of yourself!”


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  1. sew....jack...dood....just how longz de boat ben broke N why did ya let uz sail it then.....just askin.....ya noe ~~~~~