Thursday, June 14, 2018

How In The Meow Could You Forget This?????

            Now, I bet you’re all wondering where Toni is.  Did she ever get off the boat?  Did the boat ever stop?  Come to think of it- where in the meow did that boat come from anyway?  Meee-ow we can worry about that part another day.  But pawing right along to the other questions…

            The boat did stop-meeeee-ow!  The funny thing about that boat was that it managed to get back out to the water!  *Purrs* but wait!  Your tail is swishing- how in the meow is that paws-ible?  Well, how in the meow do I know- I’m no boat builder!  It was really funny though how that worked out.  It was almost like that boat came out of nowhere to purposely to help the kitties get rid of the ‘burds!’  No kitty is going to question the big dude upstairs!

            Wait- a meow-minute!  What happened to the boat?  Well, the kitties of Fish Island seemed like they loved the boat!  Toni actually turned into a tour guide!  The boat ended up decorated in a matter of seconds.  The next thing you know- kitties were even doing the cannonball thing off of it!  Meeee-huh?????  You heard that right- the dudes were swimming!  Now, why do the Fish Island cats like to swim?  Meeee-ow- maybe it has to do with the fact they’re tropical kitties!   Meee-ow when you got the water- you learn to appreciate it.  Who in the meow knows?  The im-paw-tant thing is the kitties have a great island and they learn how to appreciate it!  Pawing right along…

            The boys were still munching.  Naturally, the fish around the island were purr-fect and Joey, Casey and the Mayor kept gorging but for some reason, Casey just stopped right in the middle and meowed, “We have a problem.”

            Joey and the Mayor screeched to a halt with the fish oozing out of their mouths.  “Whatz iz it?”  asked the Mayor.

            “The boat,” Casey answered.

            “Toni’s good,” the Mayor meowed, returning to eating.  Who wanted to deal with this, when there was so much fish to suck down.  Joey was looking very interested though.

            Casey couldn’t believe it.  “The gang!”  he yowled.  “We’re meowing about Barney, Baby and your dudes!  They’re still out there!”

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  1. casey......ewe due haza point dood !!! all that burd fitin biznezz haz throwed off everee onez kleer thinkin ~~~ ☺☺♥♥