Tuesday, June 26, 2018


            Mayor Tony was in a jolly mood and he gave a louder laugh/purr.  “Boris always shows up for paw-ties!”

            Again, Joey looked bewildered.  “How come I never met him before?”

            “Well,” Mayor Tony meowed, “you were always to busy with Josie remember?”

            Now, that got Casey and Mayor’s whiskers popping out.  “Josie?”  Casey asked.  “Who’s Josie?”

            To see a cat blush is a funny thing and to see a cat like Joey all flustered was paws-itively hysterical.  The dude seemed like he lost all ability to function.  His meow ability was definitely stalled.

            The Mayor was extremely amused by this.  “Whatz up with you?  Cantz youz meow?”

            “Uh, uh,” Joey stammered, “it’s a-“

            Mayor Tony thought this was the funniest thing ever as well.  “Look at him!  He’s a scaredy-cat!  He doesn’t want to admit that he was in love.”

            Casey’s whiskers twitched in amusement.  He pawed at Joey in good humor.  “What’s with you, pal?”  he asked.  “There’s nothing the matter with being in love.”

            Joey’s whiskers twitched nervously.  “Can we stop meowing about this please.”

            Mayor Tony seemed puzzled by Joey’s reaction.  “She was purr-fect- a beautiful black catt with long forever.  She seemed like that she wanted to be with you permanently.  What happened?”

            Joey looked like he was ready to cry.  “Please don’t mention it anymore,” he meowed.

            “Didz she leave you for another cat with longz fur?”  asked the Mayor.

            Joey tried to divert the topic.  “Aren’t we supposed to be finding out about the bear?”

            “Come to think about it,” Tony meowed, “I don’t even remember the last time I saw Josie.”

            Casey had a bad feeling about this whole thing.  “Maybe we should just drop the topic,” he meowed.

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  1. yea sorry joey....we willna talkz bout it any mor less EWE want two...sew bout thiz bear biznezz ~~~~