Monday, June 4, 2018

The Hank Engine

              Hank was getting extremely huffy.  “Take that back whisker face.”
            “You just try and make me, oil head,” he answered.
            “Would you two knock it off!!!”  Joey yowled.  “We have enough problems.  When are you going to do this charge thing on the other Shoebills?”
            “Hey, I’m ready whenever you dudes are ready-hop on!”  Hank exclaimed.
            Much to Hank’s surprise they did hop on.  He was somewhat stunned at first, mostly bepaws he didn’t they would.  However, the big heap on his back got him riled up and he took off, like a motorboat.  As a matter of fact Casey could’ve sworn he heard an engine run but then Daisy shrieked…
            So, Hank comes to a standstill in the water.  That was kind of a weird sight in itself.  Hank was an enormous hippo, as most of you know, and with the cats on there bobbing up and down he looked just flat out weird.  Besides, the boys weren’t amused bepaws their tails were getting wet!!!
            “Whatz DA PROBLEM???”  The Mayor asked.
            “We forgotz Toni!!!”  she yowled.  “Wez gotta go back and getz Toni!!!”
            “There’s no time,” Hank yelled charging forward, starting up his engine.
            Daisy started shrieking.  “We cantz leavez her there!  She’s just a kid!”
            “Don’t worry,” Casey meowed out.  “She’ll be okay.  She doesn’t have to worry about Shoebills and we’ll be right back.”
            Daisy didn’t like the sounds of this at all.  “But what if she’s not!”
            “You iz being to melodramatic!”  the Mayor yowled.  “Keepz going Hank!”

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  1. daisy says: no hank, it will take you 3 seconds to get back to land and get toni...YOU GO BACK AND GET HER ~~~~~~~~ N.O.W. buster