Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Toni On the Beach


            (Note before we go any further, to any of you who couldn’t figure this out in the past- Fish Island is something like Hawaii.  It’s an island cluster.)

            Toni was alone on the island with her whiskers twitching furiously.  What in the meow was going on here?  Why did everyone disappear so fast?  She knew they didn’t get taken by the Shoebills.  As a matter of fact, she saw them charging after Hank.  Toni was a little on the plump side, you see, so it was only natural that she fell behind.  She just couldn’t believe that no one would wait up for her!

            What a bunch of furball twits!

            Toni took a seat on the beach, trying to see if she could see Hank and the gang but she only saw leftover waves.  She wondered if they were even going to come back!  The second though she had, naturally, was…

            Now what?

            Toni was the type of kitty that needed something to do.  Sure, she did her fair share of eating and napping but she wanted some action.  Right now, she figured this was the most bored she’d been in a long time.  She was also sick of islands- fed-up and disgusted.  What in the meow was she going to have to do to get to a place that wasn’t by water? Toni stretched some and laid down in the sand.  She had to admit, it felt good, but meeeee-ow she was semi-dreaming of the big city!

            Toni’s nap didn’t last though.  The calming water went a little haywire for a couple of seconds and crashed against the shore.  The crashing was so intense that she thought that she’d have to head for the trees.  However, the crashing didn’t last.  Why?  Well, believe it or a boat was not sitting on the beach!

            Wait a meow minute!  The boat?

            Could it be the gang???

            Well, that’s what Toni thought at first, she scurried down to it like a speedy ‘chub’ meowing her guts out but she was in for a shock.  The boat was deserted.

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  1. toni....we haz ta laff... coz everee one in de big city iz dreemin oh.... wear ewe iz !!! ☺☺♥♥