Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Laughing Leopard

            That, not surprisingly, set him laughing again.  No one will ever realize how relieved Fuzzy was that everything was going so well.  She never thought she could get this dude in a good mood.  “Hey mister- when you get your breath could you help me out with something?”

            The leopard stopped and got serious in seconds.  “What?”

            “Do you think you could help us out with the boat?”  she asked.

            That set him off again.  What in the meow was this?  The dude was literally the laughing leopard.  “What makes you think I’d know about boats?”

            That was a meowy good question but what in the fur did Fuzzy have to lose?  She was kind of indignant at this point.  “You don’t have to laugh at everything,” she meowed in a huffy tone with whiskers twitching.  “You could point me and my pals to somebody.”

            The Amur Leopard felt guilty at this point. “That’s true,” he agreed with the tail swishing.  Suddenly, he looked up at the rest of the gang, who was giving them goo-goo eyes.  “You cats come down,” he said.  “It’s all good.”

            The gang didn’t move.  Do you blame them?  Would you really trust the Amur Leopard?  Finally, Fuzzy yowled, “WOULD YOU CATS COME DOWN!”

            All of them, literally, did the slinking method down.  Captain Jack was trying to act like a tough guy though.  “What were you doing on the shore?”  he asked the leopard.

            The leopard was surprised.  He actually thought he’d get a ‘what’s a what’s your name,’ question first.  “I was waiting for another cat.” 

            There was a lot of giggle purrs at this point.  It seemed like that Captain Jack’s boat interrupted a date.  Fuzzy tried to steer the conversation on track.  “Who can fix the boat?”

            “How would he know anything about it?”  Barney asked.

            “Would you shut-up!”  Baby yowled.  “Maybe we can have a chance to get out of here.”

            “Bobby,” the leopard said out of the blue.  “Bobby can help.”

            All of the cats just looked at each other and meowed, “Bobby?”

            The leopard gave another chuckle.  “Bobby’s a bear,” he said.  “He can fix purr-ty much anything.”

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  1. we dunno guyz....bearz round trout towne like ta steel all R fish....may bee bobby iz diffrunt but we will bee caushuz round him for sure ~~~ ☺☺♥♥ !!!!