Thursday, July 19, 2018


Well, guess what?  It got weird.

            Did any of you ever try to picture cats dancing before this?  No- well, don’t feel bad- I didn’t either.  To be purr-fectly honest the gang never thought of it before now.  Meee-ow, it seems like the word ‘contest’ definitely motivated everyone!

            Cats in a dance contest brings images of hooked tails and twitching whiskers which means Hank and Toni on the floor should be one meow of a thing to see.  Now, I know what you’re thinking- despite the fact that most couldn’t wait to see them- you’d think a couple of smart-alecky cats would try to get them disqualified but there was literally nothing in the rule book saying that Toni couldn’t dance with a hippo!

            Hank was as cool as a cucumber.  “We’ve got this covered,” he announced.  “Don’t worry.”

            Toni’s overall excitement was now a bunch of nerves.  “Maybe this wasn’t a good idea,” she meowed.

            He gave her a head bump.  “Don’t worry about it,” he said. 

            Toni was in meow-shock over the head bump.  “What was that for?”

            “That’s part of the routine, kid!”  Hank announced.

            Toni was confused at this point and meee-ow the wait was driving her crazy!  There was all kinds dancing going on- slow, jazzy, rock, tango? 

            Wait a meow-minute!

            A tango?

            Who in the meow could be doing a tango?

            Well, here’s a surprise.  The Mayor and Darlene showed up.  It was paw-mazing really bepaws it was all over the place that they were so obsessed with each other that who knew if they would ever be seen again.  The thing was- who in the meow knew that the Mayor could dance let alone do the tango.

            Just stop and think about it.  The Mayor was out there with a little hottie, doing the tango.



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