Sunday, July 22, 2018

Let's Dance!

            Meeee-ow- how did it go?

            Come on- I know your whiskers are twitching with anticipation.  What exactly happened?

            Well, first off, there was actually a video of this circulating around.  However, Hank actually sat on it- after it was over.  Silly Hank!  But pawing right along- how did it go?

            Well, did you see Dirty Dancing?

            Holy meows!  Toni dirty danced with a hippo?  Well, not exactly…

            Pawing along here, these two did dance to that famous song.  How did it start?  With a head noogie and that shocked the living meows out of Toni.  That was the equivalent of getting clobbered by a baseball bat.  However, as the music went on Toni found herself getting more and more into it.  There was head-butting, back climbing and Hank even gave her a spin.  When it was over- something really paw-mazing happened.

            There was silence.

            You could hear crickets.

            Then there was thunderous applause!

            Holy meows!  Did they win? Well, not only did they win they did an encore.

            And Toni not only pawed away with a huge trophy but a big headache! 

            She fell asleep on Hank’s back!


  1. wavez guyz.....we haz been offline fora few; toni we iz buzzed happee ya winned de dance competashinz !!! yea N hooray N 984 pawz up two ewe AND hank !!! ♫♫♪♫♫♪♫♫ ☺☺♥♥

  2. We wondered what happened to you buds!!!