Monday, July 23, 2018

The Caves

In the meantime, back in the land of Dave the Siberian Tiger…

            The gang was confused by Dave’s excitement.  They were caves- caverns for meowing out loud yet Dave looked like he was ready to bounce from excitement. 

            “What’s going on?”  asked Barney.  “What are you bouncin’ around for?”

            “These caves can take you anywhere you want,” Dave announced.  “You might be able to take them anywhere you want!”

            Captain Jack, who had just pawed up to the group, just heard the end of that.  “What do you mean by that?”

            “You guys can take the caves back to the USA,” Dave announced.

            “How is that paws-ible?”  asked Baby.

            “Magic,” Dave said proudly.  “How do you think we tigers are able to survive?  The leopard dudes hide in there.”

            Now, wasn’t that interesting?  Interesting was an understatement- that was actually paw-mazing!  It gives you humans to something to think about, doesn’t it?  They also prove that it’s actually paws-ible that the rare animals do know how to hide after all but I digress.

            Pawing right along…

            Baby was actually starting to like the sounds of this.  “This has paws-ibilities,” she meowed.

            Barney was baffled-baffled Barney.  “What do you mean paws-ibilities?”

            “We can paw the hell out of here!”  Baby yowled.  “What’s the matter with you?  Did your brain freeze?”

            “How in the meow does this work?”  Barney asked Dave.  “How do you know you’re going the right way?”

            Dave’s tail swished.  “You have to just take your chances.”

            “That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard,” Barney meowed.

            Dave’s eyes turned to slits.  “Watch yourself fat cat.”

            Barney did the gulping thing.  “Oh boy, sorry, that came out wrong.”

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  1. we dunno guyz......may bee if we say we wanna go ta like....heer...N sum thin happenz....we mite end up....ther.....we knead proof.... { coz we haz seen two much star trek ;) ☺☺♥♥