Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Persistent Dave

            “You’re not kidding,” Dave answered.

            Baby wasn’t in the mood for this.  “Well, what do you expect?  We can’t go around and take chances.”

            Dave looked at Baby with disappointment.  “Didn’t you ever hear about trust in your whiskers?”

            “What am I supposed to do with my boat?”  Captain Jack asked.  He wasn’t really happy about leaving his boat now.  Could you imagine him actually pawing through some weird cavern?

            Dave gave him a cool look.  “You’d probably have to abandon it.”

            That got the captain riled.  “I’m not abandoning my boat!”

            “Well, do you want to spend Halloween in the snow?”  he asked.

            The two went at it for about 5 minutes but what was Captain Jack really going to do?  This was a tiger for meowing out loud.  No cat could stand up to a tiger.  However, Captain Jack seemed really intent on staying with that boat.  “The rest of the gang can go,” Captain Jack meowed.  “I’ll fix my boat.”

            “How do you know it can be fixed?”  Dave asked.

            “How do you know it can’t?”  Captain Jack fired back.

            “Meeee-ow!”  Baby yowled.  “Would you 2 knock it off!”
            The rest of the gang was hysterical anyway.  No one was really sure what to think.  They all knew Dave wouldn’t steer them into a trap but still…

            In the commotion there was a gust of wind coming from inside the tunnel.  It actually blew Dave and a couple of the kitties back.  It got stronger- what in the meow could be happening?  Well, you’ll never believe who came out…

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