Thursday, August 16, 2018

Dave Dances Around

      All of the cats were looking at Dave like his stripes fell off.  What in the meow was up with this?  “What are you growling about?”  asked Baby.  “What’s the problem?”

          “He shouldn’t have went in there,” Dave repeated.  “It could’ve caused big problems?”

          Baby’s whiskers were twitching.  “You know, you act like a meowing human! There was nothing the matter with Barney trying to figure out what was going on!”

          Barney was in a complete state of shock that Baby was actually sticking up for him.  His whiskers actually froze or so it seemed.  “You don’t have to meow for me,” he meowed.

          “Shut-up, you goof!” yowled Baby giving him the paw.  (What a hothead!)

Meeee-ow Baby sure did get huffy easily!!! She turns to Dave.  “Okay, Dave tell the story- what is going on?  What is going on?  Why don’t you want anyone going through the caves the way Barney did?”

          Dave sat down and the tail swished towards his body and just stayed there.  “Barney could’ve got sucked in and ended up in a different part of the world.”

          The cats were silent and then Barney meowed.  “How do you know?”














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  1. guyz....we dunno....dave mite bee on ta sum thin....tella tranz port can bee az goofee az like gettin on de wrong buz at de buz stop...ya noe ! ☺☺♥♥