Saturday, August 18, 2018

Debating With Dave

          Barney was lucky Dave didn’t decide to give him the paw.  He was getting impatient at the fact that these cats couldn’t grasp the obvious.  “Well, Tippy showed up-didn’t he?  He got lucky and fell into a cave that made him pop up here!”

          Baby was a natural skeptic- believe it or not- a cat was a skeptic.  It probably have to do with the human factor-MOL.  “Tippy, conveniently, made it here?”

          Meowing of Tippy, the other cats were trying to figure out what happened to his little rhino buddy.  Tippy still couldn’t meow and it was really starting to tick him off!  Little Tippy actually had his hackles up and he looked like he was ready to fight everybody.

          “He got lucky,” Dave answered.

          “Lucky?”  Baby repeating.  Her whiskers were twitching.  “Lucky,” she repeated.  “This is to meowy convenient if you ask me.”

          Barney was ready to forget about this.  “Can we paw away from this?”  he asked.  “Shouldn’t we try to figure out how to get the meow out of here?”

          “Why not the caves?” Baby asked in a smart-ass meow.

          “You have no guarantee that you’ll find your buddies,” Dave said.

          “How in the meow do you know all of this?”  Baby asked, frustrated, still trying to figure this whole mess out.  “How in the meow can all of this be paws-ible anyway???”

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  1. guyz....we thinkz dave been watchin sum star trek ;) ~~~ ☺☺♥♥