Wednesday, January 16, 2019


       All of the kitties just stared at Vinnie.  How in the meow could this duck know anything about Vinnie’s dad?  Why would a strange duck even have a clue to where Vinnie’s dad was? 

            It was Toni who broke the silence.  “Why would your dad wanna hang out with burds?” she asked. 

            Don’t you love Toni?  She was already meowing about ‘burds?’ 

            That question got little Vinnie’s hackles up.  “My dad doesn’t hang with ‘burds!’”  he yowled. 

            Barney couldn’t believe the little guy’s indignation.  “Take it easy, little dude,” he meowed.  “It was a good question.  Why would that goofy duck know anything about your dad?”

            Vinnie chilled out a little and looked up and Barney with one of those cute kitten looks.  Barney, being the softie that he was, melted.  “That goofy duck knows everything about what’s going on,” Vinnie meowed.  “He knows everything about the park.”
            At that moment, Barney really missed Casey.  Casey would know how to handle that goofy duck.  He would’ve went over and started plucking out his feathers until the duck squealed the location.  “Are you sure about that?”  he asked Vinnie.

            “The little cat is right,” a voice said from high up.  “That duck has a radar on everything!”

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  1. noe zee iz more like it....we say due knot trust thiz quacker...never been a burd in R collective 984 yeerz oh life we haz trusted ~~ ewe betcha !! ☺☺♥♥