Thursday, January 17, 2019

Meet Max

All eyes went up the maple tree to a medium-sized, black cat with shiny eyes and a long  tail.  Meee-huh?  What in the meow was up with this?  Who in the meow was this dude?

This cat jumped down with ease and reached the gang in seconds.  He was a sleek dude and his coat was better-looking than originally thought.  He had nice whiskers and an interesting face.  He introduced himself as Max and to be meowy honest it suited him. 

The kitties were in awe.  “Do you live in the park?”  Paws asked, impressed by the new cat’s movements.  He seemed meowy cool.

Max nodded and twitched his whiskers.  “I stay in the trees,” he answered.

“How come the humans don’t see you?”  Fuzzy asked in wonder. 

“Who knows?”  Max answered.  “Humans see what they want when they want.”

The kitties knew all about that.  Humans were purr-ty silly at times.  Vinnie seemed awe-struck by this new cat.  “Do you know my dad?”  he asked.

More whisker twitching.  “No,” he meowed.  “I never saw him before but like I meowed, that duck always knows what’s going on.”

The funny thing is after he meowed that the goofy duck started going crazy.  His wings started flapping and he headed right towards the gang!

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  1. everee one..... RUN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    oh, N nice ta met ewe max !! ☺☺♥♥

    happee week oh end guyz !!