Thursday, January 31, 2019

Could It Be...?

      All of you are smart kitties and all of you get what the idea of all the smoke meant.  That meant that some rotten humans in there took some cats and dogs and killed them.  There seemed to be a collective wail from all of the kitties, including Max.  Poor little Vinnie was extremely upset.

            “They killed my dad!  Killed my dad!”  he yowled.

            The Mayor, surprisingly, picked Vinnie up and put him on his back.  “Itz okayz kids,” he meowed.  “Itz gonnaz be fine.”

            Vinnie seemed a little comforted by the Mayor’s back but he was still wailing.  “I want my dad!!!”  he yowled.

            Fuzzy’s whiskers were twitching. “How in the meow are we going to get in there?”

            That’s when the ground started shaking.

            And that’s when a familiar form appeared in view.

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