Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Do you have an idea of how creepy that place looks now?  Good, now you’ll understand reactions…

            Downright meowing horror.

            The protests started immediately of, ‘There’s no meowing way I’m going in there!’ The Trouties too seemed meow-stounded by the horror of the whole thing.  You have an idea of what the building looked like, it was something out of a movie.  What in the meow were they supposed to do.  Finally, it was Fuzzy who meowed, ‘WHAT IN THE MEOW IS THE MATTER WITH ALL OF YOU?  THAT’S BARNEY WE HAVE TO GO AND SAVE!”

            The Mayor pulled himself together.  “The kidz rightz,” he meowed.  “We gotz da helpz Barney!”

            “Yeah!” Paws chimed in feeling braver.  “Letz go!”

            “What’s that smell?”  Toni asked. 

            They looked up and saw something really bad. 

            It was smoke!

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