Saturday, January 12, 2019

Ducky Point of Entry

      As a lot of you know already, the Central Park’s famous Mandarin Duck is hanging out at the Central Park Pond (makes sense) which is located at 60th and 5th.  For those of you who don’t know, this handsome bird just showed up, last fall, and none of the humans were sure where it came from.  He was famous, paw-viously, due to the fact that he wasn’t from the area.  His fame wasn’t fading either.  Right away the gang noticed the crowd around the duck, taking the photos and tossing food at him.  The dude was loving every second of it and the kitties were somewhat in awe too.

            “I’m getting hungry,” Paws meowed eyeing the duck up and twitching his whiskers.  “He looks tasty.”

            “Too many feathers for me,” Fuzzy meowed wanting to paw along.  She didn’t get the appeal.  It was just another goofy ‘burd.’

            “I’m going to get a better look,” Tippy added.

            Surprisingly, Barney grabbed his tail and pulled him back with such force that it reminded everyone of Casey.  “Are you nuts?”  he asked.  “You can’t leave the group and besides, that bird supposedly doesn’t taste good anyway.”

            Want to hear something funny?  The minute Barney said this, the duck looked right at them!

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