Friday, January 11, 2019

The Kitties Are In the Big Apple!

     It’s paw-mazing to think about but these kitties were in New York, right in front of Central Park.  Same rules apply- a group of kitties were invisible and meeee-ow it was a good thing!  No one wanted picked up and put into that horrible shelter that sent cats and pups to death almost immediately.  Anyway- they were there- ready to head in and meee-ow it was exciting.

            Fuzzy couldn’t believe it.  She had heard all about New York and the wonders of Central Park and meee-ow it made her fur purr just to be there!  As a meow of fact, she would’ve ran in if Barney had pulled her back (via the tail).

            “You goof,” Barney meowed.  “You can’t go in there by yourself or you’ll be in big trouble!”

            Fuzzy knew Barney was right but mee-ow it was tempting.  Besides they were in a happening area!  The home of the Mandarin Duck!

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