Saturday, January 26, 2019

Fuzzy's In Charge

            Vinnie started squirming.  “Put me down!!!  Put me down!!!”

            The Mayor studied Vinnie from both sides.  “Are youz sure thatz I don’tz know you?”

            “You have bad breath!!!”  Vinnie yowled. “Put me down!!!”

            The Mayor let Vinnie drop so that he could land on all fours.  “You haz a bigz mouth, kid,” he meowed.

            That’s when Max got his whiskers involved.  “Only a wimp picks on a little kid,” Max meowed.

            The Mayor eyed Max with contempt.  “Who in the meow iz you toughz guy?”

            These two spent about two seconds growling at each other and were ready to go at it until Fuzzy yowled.  “Would you two KNOCK IT OFF.  We have to go save Barney!!!”

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