Friday, January 25, 2019

A Surprising Question

            The kitties just stared with that buggy-eyed look with the whiskers twitching.  Fiona?  It took about 5 seconds for that to sink in!  Fiona???  Who in the meow- oh wait a meow minute!  Fiona was the famous Cincinnati Zoo hippo!!!  The second thought was…

            Fiona’s two???  Already?????

            Fuzzy was the first one to get her fur back on track. “Well, we have to get him here fast.”

            The Mayor’s whiskers twitched.  “You iz kidding, rightz?  He isn’t gonna come.  He’s at that big pawty.”

            Oh boy, no Hank.  What in the meow were they gonna do?  Well, there wasn’t that much time to worry about it.  The Mayor noticed Vinnie.  He picked him up by the nape of the neck.  “Hey don’tz I knowz you?”

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