Wednesday, January 23, 2019

They're Back!

            Want to hear something weird???  The humans didn’t see Paws.  It was really crazy!!!  He was attacking the duck and no one was really paying attention to him at this point.  To the humans, it seemed like the duck was just being ‘goofy.’  I know, I know, it’s weird.  What was really strange was the fact that no human could see the cat because it appeared he was the only one around.

            Or was he???

            In the meantime, the kitties couldn’t believe it.  That Paws was all over that duck and Fuzzy was horrified!  What if the shelter people came back?  They’d kill Paws for sure if he hurt the duck.

            After about 3 minutes, Fuzzy didn’t have to worry aboout it.  The goofy duck flew off and Paws was pulled out of the water by the Mayor!!


            The Trouties were back!!!

1 comment:

  1. paws...R ya all rite buddy....faaaaaaaa......bass terd duck.....we bet himz a dee coy ...did any one see wear him went...