Thursday, January 24, 2019

Where's Hank?

            Meee-yeah!!!  The Trouties were back but the question was- where in the meow were they??  Well, the Mayor gave a very brief story about how they would’ve been there sooner but they got lost on a boat- went the Statue of Liberty island, fought with seagulls and then had lunch with a couple of harbor seals that caught some huge fish!


            Maybe, you’ll have to wait for the book, ‘The Trouties do NY.’ 

            Pawing right along…

            There was no need to get into what happened with Barney.  Anytime anyone gets picked up by the ‘bad humans’ it goes through the city like wildfire.  Daisy was hysterical.  “Barrney’s gonna die! They’re gonna kill him!”

            The Mayor had to give her a paw.  “He izn’t gonna die,” he meowed.

            Fuzzy meowed, “We need Hank.  Where’s he at?”

            The Mayor looked embarrassed.  “He went to Fiona’s birthday paw-ty.”

1 comment:

  1. thiz iz noe time fora partee...hank...dood...we knead ya PRON TOE....high tail it fast aza hippo can ta central park.....pleez ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

    { guyz, we cracked up at de trouties do NY !!! }

    stay warm & happee week oh end ~☺☺♥♥