Sunday, February 24, 2019

Hank Gets It Together

            Hank looked confused which wasn’t a good thing considering that were a bunch of cats and dogs surrounding him.  The kitties were starting to look a worried.  Finally, the Mayor meowed, “Hank whatz the matter wid youz?”

            He shook it off and said, “Nothing,” he said.   “We gotta get these dudes to Purr and Pup Islands.”

            Barney got to the point.  “Where in the meow are these places?”

            “They’re in the same area of  Fish Island,” he said. 

            The pups got excited when he said that but the cats were confused.  How could Hank paws-ibly know these places and the cats never heard of them?  Besides that how in the meow could they even get near Fish Island?                                                       

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  1. sum one gotta cell ewe lar...lookz like we gotta call jack ~~ !! ☺☺♥♥