Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Destination Rowl!

            The gang happened to run into one of those horse and carriage dudes.  Now, contrary to what you humans may think, these horses are very well-taken care of.  The humans have all of them so regulated and well-taken of that many of you would pass out from shock at how well-off they are.  Why am I meowing this to you?  Well, the horses are the ones in charge of everything and not the drivers.  The horses were handsome, well-fed and kind of snobby.  They knew they had it made.  So, a handsome black horse, when he saw the kitties just started sneering.

            “Country hick cats,” he snarled, clopping by and giving a huge neigh.

            The Mayor wasn’t amused by this.  “YOU GOTZ A BIGZ BUTT YOU GOOF!”

            “Come back and say that face to face!”  yowled Barney, trying to maintain some toughness.

            Paws actually wanted to go after the dude but Fuzz managed to take a leap and grab his tail and give him a kitty-slam to the ground.  That didn’t make him to happy and they started hissing at each other.  The next thing you know al of the kitties were growling at each other and the humans just walked by without a care in the world.

            After about a five minute fight, the kitties found out them literally rolled their way to the Central Park Zoo!

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