Monday, March 4, 2019

Pawing Around

            You guys aren’t going to believe this but he wanted to go by rowboat!


            You heard me.

            For some reason, the little dude saw a rowboat and thought it was pawsome but how in the meow he thought the gang could handle a rowboat is a mystery.  His suggestion did cause a lot of yowls and ‘paws’ though.  So, paw-viously that idea was struck down.  So, now what?  They weren’t even sure how to get wear-meeee-ow time for that famous pawing around!

            Luckily, the kitties were able to see the Empire State Building, so they were literally sidewalk pawing.  The group was tight, following the rule to stay close together so that they weren’t seen and it was funny- they weren’t the only ones out and about.  As a matter of fact…

1 comment:

  1. if no one loozez site oh de building we shuld bee ther ina new york minit :) ♥♥