Monday, August 3, 2015

A Smokey Discovery

          Smokey wasn’t sure what she was getting herself into.  She thought that she was setting herself up for failure big time.  She wondered if the cats on Fish Island would claw her fur out.  Meeee-ow a little late to worry about that now.  Soooo she started some heavy pawing on the keyboard.

          And pawing…

          And more pawing…

          The cats watching Smokey just waited, which of course was understandable.  What more could they do really?  After awhile it got somewhat boring and some even fell asleep.  Smokey in the meantime was like a cat high on catnip.  For a kitty that really didn’t want to fool around with any of this stuff, she was really getting into her work.  Finally she went, “Meeeeeeeeeeooooow!!!

          That woke the sleepy cats up and it got everybody purry excited.  “What is it?”  Alex asked.  “What happened?  Did you find something?”

          Smokey’s eyes were huge and her whiskers were stuck straight out.  “Meee-owww I don’t believe it!”

          “You finds da money?”  asked the Mayor.

          “If you dids we is eating soon!”  Daisy meowed.

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