Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Fuzzy Alarm!

          The door creaked, which was surprising, considering that it was a modern building and in the Fuzzy’s sense of adventure, the silly kitty forgot one important aspect of kitty adventure…

          When kitties go off in a group, they’re invisible to the human eye.  Humans are silly people as you know, they only see what they want to see and that flashes back to the camera entry.  Even though the kitties were started by the camera and Daisy started primping- they never came across the security camera view.  However, when Fuzzy entered the building she was an open target.  As a matter of fact- an alarm went off.

          And meee-ow what an alarm it was!!!

          Pawing right along…

          Fuzzy wasn’t an idiot.  She heard that alarm and ducked.  There were humans everywhere- lots of yelling and all out confusion.  There were phrases like, “There’s a cat in here!”  “How did a cat get in here?”  Then, everyone seemed like they went in one direction- down the left hallway.

          Fuzzy was left waiting under some kind of reception desk.  The funny thing about it was that she wasn’t even scared.  Her eyes were bright, her whiskers were  twitching and…

          She was pumped up!

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  1. fuzzy...give de high sign in cat speech ta let uz noe when itz oh kay ta follow ewe ~~ ☺☺♥♥