Thursday, March 1, 2018


          She was pumped up!

          In the meantime, the others were just flat-out horrified, scared, panicky and just plain nervous wrecks!  What in the meow were they going to do?  What could they do.  Of course, all looked to Casey for some kind of guidance and that got him into tail-swishing mode.

          The funny thing is that everyone seemed to have the same idea at once. Casey and the Mayor pawed out into the open without even thinking.  It’s easy, remember, they have the group protection item on their side.  They knew they had to hurry though bepaws that Fuzzy was just flat-out FUZZING.


          In other meows she was rollin’ down the hallway and what it seemed to be 80 mph.  These guys had to be careful though, there was plenty of hysteria in the hallways.  People were yowling- shrieking and acting like Fuzzy was some kind of mad kitty.

          It was flat-out hilarious- kind of.  Maybe one day. There would be some laughing about it.  Obviously, that wasn’t going to happen now.  Combined with the hysterical humans there was a lot of weird noises going on- it sounded like birds- cats and Daisy swore she heard a bear!

          Wait a meow-minute!

          A bear??? How in the meow was that pawsible?

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  1. BEAR !!!!! if we gotta rez cue a bearz anda sand cat we R gonna knead...well.....a car...barney...dood...can ya still drive !! ☺☺♥♥