Friday, March 2, 2018

Daisy v. Fuzzy

Fuzzy heard the bear.  As a matter of fact she was pawing right to it!  To Fuzzy it seemed like it was growling out a big, ‘HELP!!!!!!!!!!’

          In the meantime, the gang, even though that bear growling scared the fur off of them appeared right behind Fuzzy.  It was a good thing too bepaws some human appeared out of nowhere and was ready to grab Fuzzy by the tail.  Now, when the gang got close- Fuzzy, literally, disappeared to this human and she couldn’t believe it.

          If you want to ‘paws’ and think about it.  That human trying to figure out what in the meow happened to the Fuzz.  The kitties, literally, sat down and watched this lady have a nervous breakdown (kind of) and then she disappeared, cursing and practically crying that she just knew some, ‘mangy cat was running around.’

          Fuzzy, was in an uproar.  “I’m no mangy kitty!”  she yowled.

          Casey gave her the paw.  “Get over it.  You’re lucky we got here.”

          “Yeah,” Daisy added.  “She wouldz have fedz youz to da bears!”

          Fuzzy’s hackles went up, automatically, at thought, but she settled down in a second.  She glared at Daisy.  “You are weird.”

          “Yeah and you iz nothing but a Fuzz!” Daisy meowed.

1 comment:

  1. thiz iz funnee....dai$y tellin fuzzy herz nothing but fuzz... iz like mee; toona, tellin a fish himz scalee !!!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥ { coz daiz iz fuzzee ! } happee week end guyz♥♥☺