Sunday, February 1, 2015

Debating Kitties

          Well, getting back to the here and now.  Smokey went up to him whisker-to-whisker.  “Who is she?”  Smokey asked.

          Barney stared at Smokey with the whiskers twitching.  “What are you getting so meowy about?”

          “You could’ve at least meowed the truth about it,” Baby said.  “You sneak.”

          “I just can’t believe that someone would go out with a big-butt like you,” said Casey, giving Barney a paw, which ended up leading to Barney giving him   paw.  That led to Barney pawing for his honor for about two minutes until Ace got impatient, went into the kitchen, came back and poured water on the both of them. 

          They were in shock over this and Barney even sputtered out, “Wha- why did you do that?”

          “You two were getting on my nerves,” he said.  “Nobody can make up their minds about what to do for the big game.

          “He does have a point,” Smokey said, sitting down and stretching out the paws.

          The kitties just looked at each other, almost mystified.  Oh give them a break.  They were sick of the snow and their brains were kind of mushy.  Finally, Baby came up with the best plan.  “Why don’t we just chill, eat a lot of snacks and wait out the snow!”

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  1. snax iz ALL WAYS a grate plan...good one baby !!! high paws N head bonx for thinkin that one up....bring on de samiches ♥♥