Monday, February 2, 2015

Commercialized Kitties

          And guess what?  That’s exactly what they did.  For once the kitties remained calm, cool and somewhat collected and just enjoyed the event.  Barney chilled with them all evening too, leaving all of them wondering if he just made the whole story up or cancelled without anybody noticing.  No one could get a thing out of him about it bepaws he kept stuffing his face.  As for the opinion on the game itself- well…

          Do we really have to meow about it?  Everyone knows they all hated both teams.  They were actually looking forward to a nice string of funny commercials but like all of the world’s humans they were amazed to discover they were all depressing-sick and downright nasty, except for the Clydesdales (of course) they liked them and Smokey even thought the golden puppy was cute. 

          To get a little more indepth about it the Nationwide commercial sent Ace into kitty paw-sterics.  He started wondering if they should just say home bepaws they might die in an accident.  Casey was mad at all of the movie previews, especially the Terminator one.  After all, even a kitty can wonder how many Terminators they could do.  Barney ended up hating all the car commercials bepaws he had just got done stuffing his face and felt carsick.  As for Smokey and Baby they ended up getting huffy over one commercial and it left them both meowing to each other, “What’s wrong with running like a girl?”

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  1. guys...we coulda cared less bout de game R selves, but we due knot haz tee vee hooked up... sew we missed out on de commercials....we bet de cydesdale one wuz good... !! ♥♥♥