Tuesday, February 3, 2015

On the Road Soon?

          Anyway, neither could figure it out but then Smokey just thought of something!  She heard a rumor that the Trouties didn’t have a tv hooked up.  So, Smokey hurried up and texted a link to the Clydesdale commercial to the Mayor:

After all, no kitty should miss the Clydesdales even if they are hanging with a pup.

          Now, back to the here and now, it seemed that after all got the commercial complaints out of their system that something good was developing weather wise- it was finally clearing up around the area and they could probably leave tomorrow.  Smokey was extremely excited about this and after it sunk into all kitties, they all seemed to be jumping up and down and purring.  Finally, they could get on the road and leave this ice patch behind! 

          Ace stopped celebrating for a second and his whiskers started twitching really fast.  That was always a bad sign and it scared Smokey.  “What’s the matter?”  she asked.

          “There’s something that I forgot to do with the car!”  he yowled.

1 comment:

  1. guys...thanx for sharin de linx ♥♥...

    whoa...that wuz kinda scaree for a minit with de wolf ....

    N guys....if yur gonna head ta spring trainin...best hurree...werd on de streetz iz mor D snowz on de way....

    N ace...make sure de car haz GAS !!!!!!! ☺