Sunday, March 15, 2015

Finally on the Road

          Smokey didn’t let Baby meow anything either and believe it or not Baby didn’t continue it.  As a matter of fact Baby seemed really tired.  She let out a big yawn and ended up curling in the back right behind the driver’s side and falling fast asleep.  Tommy also curled close to her and was soon sleeping.  Smokey felt herself yawning too but she didn’t want to fall asleep yet.  At least, not until they figured out who was going to drive!

          Casey didn’t think there was any question about it and Barney really didn’t either.  Ace, on the other hand, had a problem with Casey’s driving.  He actually had a problem with Casey in general but we could let that pass since he was sore and shot up with kitty cat pain killers.  Whiskers twitched and tails flicked, finally Barney threatened that he was going to drive, which made both of them behave bepaws Barney didn’t really have the reputation as the feline’s best driver.  Finally, Casey started the car up and they were finally off!

          All was silent for about five minutes.  Finally Smokey meowed, “Well, we’re finally off.”

          “And we’re not stopping until we get there,” Casey meowed back.

1 comment:

  1. YAY!!!! warm air, sandee beaches, fresh fish...oh & spring trainin !!! N barney...if ewe knead sum drivin lessons, we can fix ya up with sum in noe time flat...get ya a fake eye dee two !!!! uh, we meen a reel lee good lookin eye dea !! ♥♥♥