Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Kitties Are Coming

          “What is with you CATS???  You are CATS AREN’T YOU???  You’re supposed to be big and bad!”  Casey was on a meow-roll now.  “What’s the matter with all of you???  Are your paws frozen together?”  Then, he looked at the Mayor.  “Where’s the crowd you promised?”

          The Mayor looked, as usual, calm and cool.  (Would you expect otherwise?) “They’ll be here.”

          Casey was going back and forth so much on Charlie the rhino that Smokey’s head was spinning.  “I say we fight now!  We have nothing to lose and we can’t wait!” 

          All of the kitties, especially Smokey, were ready.  All of the Trouties were ready.  It seemed to Smokey they were doubting the Mayor’s word and the thing that Smokey couldn’t believe was that he seemed so calm about it.  “You cats need to be calm really fast bepaws me can hears the paws coming now!”  And he blew the whistle again.

          Smokey couldn’t believe it!  He was right there were paws coming- lots of them!  The ground was shaking.  It was like an earthquake They sounded like horses a kitty stampede was coming over the mountains!  They kept getting louder and louder!  Meow sounds were getting closer.  It was almost like a train now! 

1 comment:

  1. best step bak everee one coz de Chezzee cat train iz bout ta drop off...
    now how manee kittehz wuz that again......845,369,155, 558 ???