Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Meet Hank

          Smokey wondered what that would be like, riding a giraffe that is.  She never knew how fast they could go!  It was even paw-tastic watching it bepaws it was like that horse racing all of the humans liked!  Anyway, she really didn’t watch it for too long.  Why?  Well, believe it or not there was a hippo behind her!


          He introduced himself as Hank, which made sense, Hank the hippo kind of rolls off the tongue anyway.  He said that he just wanted to meet Smokey bepaws he never saw a cat with three legs before!  Well, Smokey was kinda stunned when she heard that and became more shocked as the conversation went on.  Hank was a chatty hippo, who asked all the details about the accident and the surgery.  Smokey didn’t mind chatting but who in the meow would’ve thought a hippo could actually be so nice?  Hank didn’t disappoint her though and the funny thing is he told Smokey that his mom loved American baseball.  He was, naturally, named after Hank Aaron.

          Now how meowy is that?  A hippo named for Hank Aaron.

          Anyway, Smokey was shocked again when Hank made her an offer.  There is no way she saw this coming…

          “You wanna go for a ride?”  he asked.

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  1. inn deed ...go for it smokey....pluz like ewe will have sum grate base ball storeeez ta share we bet !! YAY !! ♥♥